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Truvox International - ведущий поставщик коммерческих и промышленных машин для обслуживания полов. Компания основана в Саутгемптоне (Southampton), Великобритания. Со дня производства нашего первого электрического полировщика в начале 1960-х годов Truvox успешно расширила как ассортимент, так и территории распространения продукции, в настоящее время, количество стран достигает более чем 60 по всему миру.
Truvox предлагает широкий ассортимент хорошо зарекомендовавших себя брендов, включая полировщики Orbis, ковровые экстракторы Hydromist, пылесосы Valet, полотеры Multiwash и роторные машины Cimex с тремя дисковыми щетками.

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Scrubber dryers earn the role of cleaning workhorse by virtue of their versatility alone. But going cordless leads to a raft of further advantages, says Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager of Truvox International. The day is approaching when just about every machine we use may be cordless, given the leaps and bounds being made in battery technology. There are practical gains to be made, n...

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Vacuuming and sweeping may be the most routine of cleaning tasks, but their efficiency shouldn’t be taken for granted. Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager at of Truvox International, advises how to ensure the work is done cost-effectively. Vacuuming and sweeping – the mainstay of the cleaning regime in many buildings – may happen like clockwork, but it’s worth taki...

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Floor cleaning should always be effective, but in some sectors and situations customers need to see it being performed professionally too, says Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager at Truvox International, who outlines the lead role of the modern battery-powered scrubber-dryer.   For the hotel or leisure facility manager, there tends to be only one challenge greater than meeting custo...

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Launching the Multiwash 340/Pump Battery

Additional health and safety benefits boost already popular floor cleaning machine The Multiwash has long been one of the most popular floor cleaning machines in Truvox International's range, and visitors to ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam will be among the first to see and experience the very latest model. The new machine, which will be available from June 2014, includes all the features that make th...

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An education in floor cleaning

Educational facilities are challenging environments to keep clean, requiring a flexible and knowledgeable approach. Natalie Dowse, Marketing and Product Manager for Truvox International Ltd, offers some tips to ensure floor cleaning results come out top of the class. If you were to compile a list of the busiest facilities, not just in the UK but right across the world, then schools, colleges and...

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‘Green’ floor cleaning is good for the health of individuals, businesses and the environment

Natalie Dowse, Marketing and Product Manager for Truvox International Ltd, gives advice to organisations looking to implement more sustainable floor cleaning regimes. The increase in 'green' cleaning that we have seen in recent years is no mere trend - it more of a movement. The vast majority of organisations, whether private or public sector, now aspire to limit the effects their activities have...

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Изначально мы приобрели Multiwash 340 для обслуживания
полов в одних комнатах, но вскоре мы поняли, что универсальность данной машины позволяет использовать ее для быстрого и
простого обслуживания других видов твердых полов.

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